Welcome to Simple 401k.  A free, easy to understand website for both 401k Plan Administrators and Participants.  For information on various types of 401k plans, please make a selection from the list on the left.  The complexity of retirement plans is daunting, especially in the face of an ever-changing regulatory environment.  Understanding the nuances of 401(k) plans and SIMPLE 401(k) plans can be tough, but whether you're a Plan Sponsor or Plan Participant, your goal is to help your plan grow.
Plan Administrators:
Wondering what plan is best for your organization?  Is it SIMPLE 401k vs. SIMPLE IRA?  Is a Safe Harbor 401(k) plan right your group?  What testing am I liable for, and when?  We help answer these questions and get you on the path to choosing the best plan to fit your needs.

Plan Participants:
Need to know how much you can contribute this year?  Would it be better to contribute to your 401k or a Roth 401k or IRA?  When can you get access to your funds?  We're here to help answer your questions so you can watch your retirement nest egg grow.

Legislative changes in the past several years have had a significant impact on 401(k) plans.  Some of these changes include include increased contribution limits, age-based catch ups, 401(k) plan portability and safe harbor rules.  Each section of our site covers information on specific 401(k) plans for both plan administrators and plan participants. 

For information specific to SIMPLE 401k plans, see this page.
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